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Spectralis HRA + OCT


- Multi Modality Imaging

  • FA (Fluorescein Angiography)
  • ICGA (Indocyanine Green Angiography)
  • FAF (Fundus Auto fluorescence) -> BluePeak
  • IR (Infrared)
  • Red-Free
  • SD-OCT imaging (Spectral Domain OCT Imaging)

- Simultaneous dual-beam scanning for multi-modality imaging

- TruTrack ™ Active Eye-Tracking to eliminate motion artifact

- Auto Rescan ™ for precise follow-up exams

- Smallest measurable change of 1 µm

- Heidelberg Noise Reduction ™ technology in order to enhance image quality

- Automatic Real Time (ART) image stabilization to increase liability factor for images

- 40,000 A-Scan per second

- Peripheral OCT imaging and fundus wide-field imaging: 55ْ wide-field lens , ART wide-field composite images (up to 165ْ)