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Morvarid Dual



General Specification Morvarid Dual

Phaco Anterior Vitrectomy machine with dual pump,Peristaltic & Venturi pump  -

Control pressuring bottle serum by BAP (Bottle Air Pressure) set -

- Phaco control in continuous , Pulse , Cool phaco and Burst mode

- Safe Vacuum with peristaltic pump up to 60cc/min

- High vacuum in venture pump up to 500mmHg 

- 40KHz Phaco handpiece

- Disposable phaco tip 19G, 20G & 21G

- Dual linear foot pedal multi function

- Anterior vitrectomy up to 800 CPM

- Bipolar coagulation : 7.5W

- Trolley with air compressor and automatic IVpole (Optional).

- User friendly ,User Interface